"We Care, It's Personal"™

Seapro™ was established in 2002, is citizen owned and is a 100% Botswana born and built company.

“We care, It’s personal”™ summarises our approach to all we do. It’s an attitude to life that we strive to bring into the business, and into all areas of our lives. This means we routinely go the extra mile to ensure our customers ENJOY working with us.

We have a proven track record of CONSISTENT GROWTH & SUSTAINABILITY, which started from very humble beginnings. 

Within our 6700 square metre premises, we have an in-house pump, valve and motor REPAIR AND TESTING FACILITY that helps us ensure that our customers receive the best possible aftermarket support for their purchased products.

They can now have peace of mind knowing that the repair of their products is being done at the highest quality levels and in-country, reducing costs and improving turnaround times. Our passion is to give our customers such a great experience working with us that they choose to go nowhere else.